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14 proven ways to earn a living while travelling

How to live a nomad life

Living travelling is not a utopia, it is possible and I have got it

Imagine that…

  • You live the life you want, without a boss who tells you what you have to do.
  • You work following your own schedule, getting up at the time you want and deciding when and where to travel.
  • Every day of your life is a new adventure.
  • You have economic solvency and instead on wasting your time worrying about money, you use it to create an even more exciting life.
  • People tell you how they can feel the passion in you and how much energy you hold and give off.

Living with passion around the world is possible,
since 2012 I am doing it.

But it has not always been this way.

You feel dissatisfied, unfulfilled,
you want a change of life but it scares you

Hi, I am Esteban Tejedor and I have also been there.

I used to work as an analyst/programmer in an office in my hometown in Spain, I earned a good salary but every day was the same routine. Though my passion is to travel, I could only do it a few weeks a year.

I felt like living in a cage, so unfulfilled.

I dreamed of exploring the world!

Not in vain my friends called me Phileas Fogg.

I then decided to become a web developer freelancer, with the aim to be able to earn a living while having a nomadic life.
It was more difficult than I initially considered, I had to learn many new different skills, but eventually I started having my first clients.

Finally, in 2012 I prepared my luggage and start my Asian life.

That was an amazing experience. While living in Vietnam, Thailand, Nepal, Philippines, … my personal growth was exponential at that time. I lived so many adventures and learnt from the Eastern, more spiritual cultures.

Eventually, I felt like a burning desire to communicate all my learnings to the world, to become a trainer and coach, and also to take the step to go from freelancer to entrepreneur.

Again, the gap was big and the learning curve daunting.

But once again, I got there.

After a first business in Vietnam, in 2015 I moved to the UK where in 2016 I have created two companies in the Education sector.

Hola People offers language, job and travel opportunities, and organises events in Liverpool.

QLU Project helps new entrepreneurs to set their dreamed goals, boost their business and achieve remarkable results, while having a healthy and balanced life.

All in all, I am just a dreamer implementing his dreams, and inspiring others to do so.

One thing I know for sure,
the only obstacle between where you are now and where you want to be is you.

Countries I have been

Travel and work

What they say about me…

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Download the free guide and stop procrastinating in your dreams.
11 proven ways to earn a living while travelling